Greek Sailing 20th August 2016


Hey guys! Just wondering who else is hopping aboard this trip! ?


Hi! My name is Nick- I am going, along with my friend Joey. We both live in Clearwater Beach, FL.


Hey Nick & Joey :slight_smile:

I am traveling solo. From Australia - Tropical North Queensland.

Looking forward to it? Where are you heading before/after this trip?


Awesome! I have been to Australia 3 times before- toured all over the East Coast. We are flying to Santorini for a few nights before the sailing trip, then heading to Athens the morning of. We are staying the night in Athens when we get off and then heading to Madrid before we fly back to the US. My Facebook is if you want to add me there.


For sure! Added on facebook :blush: i am also heading to Madrid the next day. I am going to Spain for La Tomatina


Hey guys!!

Im travelling solo :slight_smile: I’m from Brisbane, Australia.
Just about to book accommodation for the night prior, where are you staying? any suggestions?



Hey! Myself and my friend Joey are staying in Santorini the night before then flying to Athens the morning that we board the sailboat. Looking forward to the trip!


Hey Georgie!

I’m from Townsville, north qld. I am doing the greek island topdeck hopper before the sailing. I just booked the novus (where my topdeck starts )


Hey guys!

I’m considering either the Greek Sailing or Greek Island Hopper around this time of August - just a bit hesitant because I’ll be traveling alone.


Come join the party! I am just doing the Greek sailing but it is going to be fun!!


Im going alone too!! :slight_smile: add me on facebook guys, lets start a group chat - Georgie David


Hey guys
I just joined the trip - add me on Facebook if you wish - Lucy Cruxon


Hey guys!

5 of us coming on this trip! 3 From Canada (Calgary) and 2 from Aus (Brisbane)!

Looking forward to getting the party on!