Greek Isld Hppr 29 May & Sum Fun 11 Jun


Hi there! Anyone booked for these tours yet? : )[br][br][br][br]


Hey![br][br]A friend and I are booked on to summer fun and sailing leaving 11 june too! I’m glad to finally see some other people that are going too! Where are you all staying before the tour?[br][br]Haylee


Awesome, South America for 6 weeks! Yeah we arrive on the 7th too, we’re booked in to stay at the Generator hostel for the 4 nights before the tour starts. I’ve been told that’s where the tour leaves from so that’s why we’re staying there. Where abouts are you and your friends from?


We’re from canberra… woo haha[br][br]We’re 20 and 21, two girls, we’ve worked together for a few years…[br][br]136 days to go!! Till we leave canberra anyway…[br][br]Yeah we just booked a twin private room at the Generator, it’s pretty cheap.[br][br]Do you guys have plans for after the tour?


Hi guys, [br][br]Am looking at booking these tours, just teeing the time off from work, but I think it’s all good![br][br]Am travelling alone, as my travel buddy has decided to go back to uni instead. Bit nervous, but excited!![br][br]I figured the London Hostel was Clink? If not, will be booking in at Generator then on 8 June.[br][br]Sharon : )


Hey guys… So I just got a call from our travel agent who told us he had given us the wrong advice previously, the tour actually does leave from Clink not the Generator! Fortunately we haven’t paid for Generator yet, so we’ll be cancelling that booking and making a booking at Clink. Sorry for the confusion, blame it on our travel agent haha!


Hi Everyone, I’m Haylee’s friend. [br][br]This is purely a holiday for us! After the tour we’re spending about 2 weeks just exploring london and surrounds, we just booked some places last week. Where abouts are you looking at living?[br][br]Less than 100?? I’m so jealous! Seriously though its gonna be amazing, we’re so excited :slight_smile: [br][br]Are you guys on Facebook?


3 friends and I (all girls!) are also booked up for the summer fun and sailing leaving the 11 June, we’re all friends at uni. Very excited!! :slight_smile:
Nice to see some other people doing the same tour as us


Where are you staying before the tour? How long before it starts are you going to be in London?
Yeah it’s good to see some others! Mostly girls so far haha!


Hey there!

Finally actually booked for the Summer Fun tour!! So excited!!

Great to see so many people also booked! Would be great to meet up before hand for those staying at Clink 9 June & 10 June, as I’m going solo!

See you in 114 days : )



My friend Hannah and I are staying at Clink 7-10 June, so 111 days for us! But yeah would be great to meet up before hand :slight_smile:

Where abouts in Aus are you from?


I’m from Adelaide- looks like the Adelaidian tally is up to 5 so far!!

So looking forward to the trip, especially Greece and Croatia! Anyone planning on skydiving in Switzerland or Tyrol??? : )


101 days :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s pretty much all Hannah and I talk about haha! I’m looking forward to sailing in Greece the most :slight_smile: Yeah Hannah is going to skydive (at this stage)…


Just seeing if anyone else is on here that’s going on summer fun & sailing on the 11th of june? It’s getting close now!!


Hey everyone!

I’m all signed up for this trip and very excited!!.. looks like there’s a bunch from down under, and now at least one Canadian! I get to link hostel in afternoon of June 10… 39 days to go!!

I will be skydiving in Switz (helicopter one) and paragliding in Austria… if I don’t chicken out haha.



Hi everyone!I’m anna.I’m from Canada! This summer we travel to South Africa in three days to see the 2010 World Cup finals? How wonderful if not crowded in the crowd!