Greek Island Hopping 1st September 2012


Hi all,

I’m booked in for the trip leaving on 1st September 2012- can’t wait! At this point I’m traveling by myself so I’m interested in hearing from anyone else who has booked this tour :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m booked on the Greek Island Tour also for 1 Sep 2012. Also going to be by myself although a friend may decide to come too :slight_smile:


Looking forward to meeting you LaurenP! Are you going anywhere else before or after?


Hey Hey,

I’m also doing this :slight_smile: and travelling alone. Can’t wait. It’s going to be such a good few days :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m flying from Rome to Athens on the 31st and then heading to Istanbul afterwards.How about you guys?


Hey Sonia, I totally agree about it being a great few days! And it’s nice to find a few other solo travellers :slight_smile:

I will be flying into Berlin into Athens on the 29th and then heading to London after the tour wraps up.


BOOKED for September 1st 2012 :slight_smile: So excited!


Hey Everyone! I’m looking to book September 1st for either this trip or the Croatia Sailing…or quite possibly the Greece Aegean Classic Sailing with Contiki. I wasn’t sure about booking for September, all I could imagine was me being alone on a little dingy, but it’s cool to see there will actually be others! Kaytee, I’ll be traveling from the states as well, do you have an idea of where you will be flying into? I’ve been browsing and it looks like the best option is to fly into London and from there fly EasyJet to Athens.


…oh and any of you headed to Paris afterwards???
-Ant =)


I’ve actually never traveled to Europe before, so I’m trying to make it as simple as possible, since I’ll be doing it solo haha. I’m looking at flights that will go from NYC or Philadelphia directly to Athens!



It’s great to see some others booked in for this tour, my mate and I have just booked today for it. We are Queenslanders looking forward to our first time in Europe.


Hi everyone

Can’t wait to get there!

Just found a link on Facebook for this tour where you can discuss/meet:


Hi, me and my friend are booked for this tour! We’re both from North London, UK.
Looking forward to meeting everyone! :slight_smile: