Hello all,
I am looking to connect with people on my tour Greek Island Hopping 11, October 2014 and people whom have been on the tour.
This will be my first tour with Topdeck and I am traveling solo. I have taken several European trips with the “other” company and had a blast.
:slight_smile: Coming to you from Miami, USA!! :slight_smile:

Melissa aka Foxy Fontana


Hey Melissa :slight_smile: just booked this tour! Only 4 months to go!!




I created a fb group for all of us to meet.
just search “topdeck greek island hopping, 11th October 2014” =-)


I cant seem to find the group… is it set to private?


No its public.
it was a good idea though…lol


Where is everyone!!! Holly and i are getting bored…


Hi girls, looks like there’s at least five of us going on this trip (i have two brothers coming along as well) just over a month to go. woop!


yay some boys!!!lol


What time is everyone getting to Athens??? I am getting in at 0930 on 11th of October. See you soon!!! Anyone want to get together before the 5pm meeting time?
Melissa :slight_smile: B-)


What time are you getting to Athens??? see you soon…I get in at 0930