Greek Island Hopper


Hullo,[br][br]Anybody going on Greek Island Hopper departing 23 June 07?[br][br]I would love to here from you or anybody else who has done the tour.:)[br][br]Cheers[br]KJ


Hi Katie[br][br]Yes I’m going on the Greek Island Hopper on the 23rd, cant wait! Have you been on any Topdeck tours before? [br][br]Janet :slight_smile:


Hi Janet,[br][br]It’s not long now, I’m counting down the days! Can’t wait for some sun & Surf, it has been way too long![br][br]I haven’t done any top deck tours before, but I have done contiki & other tours. I am sure that they are all similar, what it comes down to is the people on them.[br][br]Are you travelling with friends?[br][br]Cheers[br]Katie :sunglasses:


Hi Katie,[br][br]No i’m travelling alone, this is my first time on this sort of holiday so i’m really excited. Surfing sounds great, never tried it but i do love the water! I’m looking forward to Santorini and the volcanic caldera, i’m a bit of a geology geek! I’m also so looking forward to some sunshine as us Glaswegians don’t see it very often![br][br]10 days to go![br][br]Jx