Greek Island Hopper



I am 29, booking this trip for September 1 2012 I believe. Would like to know who’s all going on that trip, and if there is anyone leaving from Ottawa Ontario Canada? I will be traveling alone so I’m just curious as to who will be attending. And I’d like an idea of the age range of the people. Although I’m not all that worried about that. Can’t wait! :smiley:


Hey BeccaV.

I’m also going on this. :slight_smile: I’ll be 19 at the time of travel, from Australia and also doing it by myself. Its good to hear of someone else who is also traveling alone - you read so much about how the groups have a large number of individual travellers, but its good reassurance knowing that there is actually others on the same trip as you. Phew :slight_smile:
The count down has begun, hah and I’m so excited to get the Greece :slight_smile:


Hey BeccaV, i’m booked on this trip also :slight_smile: I’m 23 and I’m travelling from Aus too. Might be travelling on my own but a friend is thinking about coming. I did a trip 2 years ago and almost everyone was travelling on their own which was awesome. See you guys in September ;D