Greek Island Hopper


I did this trip last September and had an awesome time - Greece is fantastic! It is a little bit different from the usual Topdeck trips as you are hopping around the islands by ferries so no long coach journeys involved :). It was a very relaxing holiday and you could do as much or as little as you wished. Needless to say, Greece was beautiful and we had a fantastic Greek guide, Themos who does a lot of these trips. Highly recommended![br][br]If you have any questions about this trip, I’ll be happy to answer them.


Hey,[br][br]I heard that Mykonos rocks! How long are the ferry rides?[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Ricky[br][br]


Hello :)[br][br]I will be doing this trip in August. So excited!![br][br]What are costs like round the islands? As in food and drink wise.[br]How much for a meal? Or a bottle of water/premix drink or glass of wine?[br][br]Thanks for your help![br]Emma[br][br][br]Timeless Trail - 5 Aug 2010[br]Greek Island Hopping - 28 Aug 2010[br]


Hi Emma,[br][br]Prices vary depending on which island you’re on: Paros was the cheapest and Mykonos the most expensive for food and drink.[br][br]Water is cheapest at supermarkets ? about half price of what you pay at a kiosk. It is a good idea to buy in bulk with others in the group. Just remember: you’ll have to carry it to /from the ferry etc. :)[br][br]If you buy local alcohol, it is pretty reasonable like Alpha beer, Ouzo, retsina, otherwise international brands for alcohol get pricey. Cocktails are a rip off most of the time ? unless you use happy hour.[br][br]You can make your money go further if for at least one meal a day you choose to have a souvlaki/ gyros or Greek salad or buy food in a supermarket ? and have one main meal in a restaurant. Make sure you check the price for fish dishes as these can be pretty pricey.[br][br]Also, they will bring out bread with your food and will charge ?1 per person for it. Service charge is already included into your bill ? although a small tip is not a bad idea if you had good service and enjoyed your meal. You’d pay around ? 12- ? 25 for a restaurant meal with drinks.[br][br]This is what I remember ? approx.:[br][br]Drinks[br]bottle of water (0.5 l) ? 0.50 (kiosks) [br]coffee (depending on type) ? 2.5 - ? 4[br]beer (our favourite was the Greek Alpha) ? 4 ? 6.50[br]shots ? 2 (on special) - ?4.50[br]mixers from ? 6 upwards[br][br]Food[br]Gyros / souvlaki about ? 2-2.50 (small)[br]Greek salad with feta approx. ? 6 -6.50[br][br]Main dishes chicken from ?7[br] pork from ? 8-8.50[br] beef from ? 10[br]Pasta dishes from about ? 6-8[br][br]Hope this helps. [br][br]


Sorry Ricky - OK, so the ferry rides vary: the longest one for us was the return trip from Santorini to Athens on the last day. [br][br]The ferries are pretty comfortable especially the express ones we took between Paros and Mykonos and Mykonos and Santorini. On the other ferries you can book some seats in the lounges once on board (can’t be pre-booked) - or you can just chance it and “move in”…[br][br]If you are prone to seasickness, I’d recommend taking some pills beforehand.[br][br]I made the mistake of not taking anything for the first ride between Athens and Paros and suffered a bit. Got some anti travel sickness meds from the local pharmacy and it was all cool after that.


Did your group get along really well? [br][br]I just wonder because 10days is such a short time to get to know people compared to some of the other trips and it takes a couple of days for people to come out of their shell.[br][br]I’m travelling solo so I can’t wait to meet everyone on tour.[br][br][br]Timeless Trail - 5 Aug 2010[br]Greek Island Hopping - 28 Aug 2010[br]


We had a good bunch of people and we all got on well. Took a day or two but I think it is just a question of starting up a conversation. most people on my trip was travelling ‘solo’.[br]


I am also doing this tour but on the 10th July, cant wait so excited!!


I’m also doing this tour on July 8, 2010 solo . I’m super psyched and nervous at the same time. Can’t wait to meet all of you.

  • Rebecca


I’m doing this trip May 8. I got my itinerary but was wondering about the hotel we’re staying at the last night. I’m trying to book a flight out of Athens on the final morning but not sure about how close we’ll be to the airport, what time everyone else will be leaving, etc. Any thoughts?


Hey Canadiangrl,

I’m doing this tour 24 April (hopefully if I can get there with all these flight cancellations!). On the day my tour finishes I am catching a flight to Paris which leaves Athens at 10:40am. I am catching a 7am train to get to the airport (it takes about 40 minutes). A little early, but I like to know that I’m there on time! :slight_smile: