Greek Island Hopper


Hi![br]Just wondering if anyone out there is doing the Greek Island Hopper tour starting August 22nd? Im sure my T.A said that in was guarenteed departure so there must be a couple of us going!


hey!yeh me and my girlfriend are on this tour…24 days to go WOOOOOO!


Hehe! I was begining to think I was the only one going!!! Where bouts in Aussie you from?


Hey. where else you travelling? We fly to athens in 21 days!


Hi! I’m in Brisbane!!! I’m flying to Egypt in 8 more sleeps!!! I’m coming to Athens from there and then after my Greek Island trip i’m heading to Rome. What about you guys, are you travelling either before or after?:slight_smile:


[br]Hey.sounds awsome!we fly to athens from here and have a day or 2 before the tour good does it look;D!um,it sounds kind of funny but we fly to scotland after that and travel around there and ireland for a few weeks.doing another tour after that then will spend the last few weeks in spain, france and italy.3 months all up.How long you traveling for?


Hi! Your trips sounds fab too! By the time I finish up tiki touring around it will be mid Oct before I get home. I gotta pack tonight am i’m not looking forward to it. I go from hot to being pretty damm chilly in NZ and I got to get it all in 1 20kg bag with room to spare!!!


[br]Hey.Lol yeh the packing bit is going to be pretty bad. But i guess it wont be as bad for us because if my gf cant fit everything in her bag there’ll be plenty of room in mine. mid october, are you going to head to oktoberfest before you leave? do you use facebook?. oh, and if you dont mind me asking,how are you taking your money? i think we’ve ended up with a credit card each and will have a travellex cash passport


Oh yes, the advantages of traveling with a male!!! No I wont be going to Ocktoberfest. My trip ends with the States and a flying visit to NZ. As for my money um… I think at this stage i’m going to take some local currency for each country, just enough to get used to roughly what the prices are and then just go to an ATM with the Maestro Cirrus sign and withdraw cash. It may cost an extra couple of bucks but I found this worked ok in Borneo. It saves having to have different currency passports and it also gives you your balance in aussie dollars at the end of the transaction so you can keep tabs on how ya spending. :slight_smile:


ah ok.i see the aussie $ went up againest the euro,awsome!!!3 weeks exactly till the tour starts8-)