Greek Island Hopper!


Hey who is going on the Greek Island Hopper 10 day tour leaving Athens on August 9th??? Let’s talk!!


hey there. Sorry to have kept you hanging for a responce, but it takes forever to register on this forum. Very glad to say that i will be going on the Greek Island Hopper leaving August 9th.[br] I will be travelling alone. I’m a south african that currently lives in England, don’t ask me why. I work too hard and am counting the hours before i go on holiday. You excited yet?[br]Anyone else going on the same dates??? Get in touch people![br]Later[br]


Haha yes I was starting to wonder where all my fellow travelers were! I am from the New York area and I have never been to Greece before or on a Topdeck tour. I can’t wait!!! I am also traveling alone. Let’s here from more people!!!