Greek Island Hopper starting 7th July


Anyone else going on this tour?



Hi Karina,

My best friend and I will be joining you on this tour…can’t wait!



Hey Sarah

Can’t wait to go on this tour!
I’ll be staying at the Baby Grand Hotel before and after the tour aswell.
Looking forward to meeting you guys =)



I think we will be staying at the Baby Grand as well the night before. Have you already booked your room? I should probably get on that:)

Is this your first time to Greece/Europe?


Yeah I’ve already booked it, ive got 2 nights before the tour and 1 night after.
Yeah its my first time to Europe but i have wanted to go to Greece for the last 3 years lol
so im very excited! Have you guys been before?

Ohh and ill be having my birthday on this tour too =)


Oh that’s exciting it will be your birthday on the tour! It’s my friends birthday when we are in Santorini as well! No better place to celebrate than Greece:D

We will be at the Baby Grand on the 6th, but we’re not coming back to Athens at the end. We decided to stay in Santorini and continue island hopping for another 2.5 weeks. I did the Topdeck Grand European last Summer and had an amazing time, but I never made it over to Greece. Are you going anywhere else in Europe before or after the tour?


That’s what i figured too lol no better place!
oh wow that sounds amazing!
I’m joining a few of top decks tours together so I’m starting off with the Mega European, then doing Greek Island Hopper, going over to Russia and then back to London where ill do the another tour lol so all up ill be over there for 3 months!
Pretty exciting but very nervous as well!!


Yeah should be really good!
I am travelling solo, but ive been told that its the best way to travel, so im looking forward to it!