Greek Island Hopper Sept/Oct 2016


Hi !

One of my girlfriends and I have just booked the 24th Sept - 3rd Oct 2016 trip to the Greek Islands…We are sooo excited to explore the islands and tick something else off the bucket list. We’re both from Sydney and keen to meet new people, too.

Anyone else booked this tour yet?? Let us know! :relaxed:

Jess and Kirra


Hi Jess! I haven’t officially booked yet but I love the sound of this tour. I’ve always wanted to travel the Greek Islands and I think this tour would be a great way to do it. Have you travelled with Topdeck Tours before? Would you and your friend be doing any travelling before or after the tour?

Look forward to hearing from you!



Hey Claire,

Yep - us, too! No haven’t travelled with Topdeck Tours before, but I’ve heard some amazing things… Since we’re both teachers we’re not doing any other travelling this time round (this trip fits nicely into our holiday break!).

You should definitely come :slight_smile:

Let us know!



Hey Jess,

Ok, it’s official, I booked the trip! Only a month and 5 days till departure. Yippeeee! If you wan’t to, feel free to add me on Facebook (Claire Parkhouse) and then we can stay in touch before the trip. Can’t wait!!



That’s so exciting!! My facebook is Jessica Eden…we will def chat before we head off !

Can’t wait…this trip will be amazing :slight_smile: