Greek Island Hopper Sept 7-16th, 2017


Hi Guys! I am thinking of booking on this tour. I am from Tassie and will be travelling solo. Anyone else already on this tour?


maybe this island will be a amazing expereince.totally i love islands like kish island


Island is the most beautiful country in the world.It has many beaches…

I hope this help u…and enjoy the trip


Ok, I am officially on this tour. So excited! Travelling solo from Tasmania. Anyone else on this one?


Hey, I’m also on this tour and am a solo traveller! I’m in Victoria!


Hi! I’m Stephanie - I am also thinking about joining this tour. Travelling solo from the US (Michigan).


Hi Meaghan! Hi Stephanie!
So nice to hear from you both. Stephanie, you should definitely book this tour! I’m really looking forward to it.
Are you doing any other tours, Meaghan? I am doing the Balkan Explorer tour before this one.


I officially booked! I am really looking forward to the trip and can’t wait to meet everyone :slight_smile:


Yay! :slight_smile:


Nope just booked this one. Doing my own thing either side. What sort of luggage are you planning to take? Wheelie case or backpack?

Glad to know there’s some other solo travelers on our trip!


I’m not sure. The last European tour I did, I just took a wheely suitcase. I don’t really have any big backpacks. But maybe that might be better? :confused:


I hear you! I have decided on my main luggage just now sorting carry on.
How long are you in Europe for?


You’re so organised! I haven’t really thought about anything yet! Lol. I will be in Europe for about a month - would have loved to stay a little bit longer but I couldn’t get more time off work. How about you?


I’m disgustingly organised! I’m away for 8 weeks, have had my itinerary planned for the last 2months. It’s my first time travelling alone and I thought that planning and control would help me with nervousness. It hasn’t!


Haha! You will be fine. 8 weeks will be amazing! Where else are you going during your time in Europe?

It’s actually getting really close and I’m still not organised! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi all, I’m Jane! Half in the process of booking this - bit last minute! Travelling solo over from Perth, Western Australia!


Another Jane! Welcome to our little group! :slight_smile:️ I leave tomorrow as I’m doing another tour before this one. I’m so nervous! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: