Greek Island Hopper - Sept. 3


Hi! Just wondering who else is signed up for this trip?!


Hi Lindsay, I’m planning to go for this trip. Are you travelling solo?


Yes I am! Are you too?


Hey! My cousin and I will be on this tour too :slight_smile:


Hey Erin will you be on the greek island hopper on 3rd Sept 2016?


Hey yeah I will haha I didn’t realise this post was from last year :confused:


Hi there,

I’m on this Topdeck tour with my partner and would love to get to know some of the other people coming along. If you’re interested, add me on Facebook and just let me know that you’re on the same tour! Look forward to meeting everyone. Dannielle DePinto. @lindsay219 @meena


Hey fellow Greek Island Hoppers! I just signed up to this tour last week and will be travelling solo from Melbourne, Australia. Can’t wait to meet and share this experience with you all! :slight_smile: