Greek Island Hopper-July 5, 2008


Hi There![br][br]I am going on the Greek Island Hopper tour on July 5th. Just wondering if there is anyone out there that has booked this tour as well. Also if anyone has done this tour before and could give any advise or suggestions, that would be great!!![br][br]Dina


Hi Dina,[br][br]This is a fab trip, you’ll love it![br][br]A few tips:[br]- Don?t take too much clothing because you have to carry your bag on and off ferries (the smaller the bag the better).[br]- The weather should be very warm/hot ? light clothing, togs, comfortable walking shoes & one going out outfit.[br]- Hat is a must, sunscreen. Beach towel is handy. Small day pack. [br][br]Greece is gorgeous - enjoy![br][br]Anita


Hi Dina,[br][br]My name is Gemma, I am going on the same trip 5th July. I’m so excited can’t wait.[br][br]I’m a 26 yr old female from London. This is my first trip away on my own and on a guided tour. Have you been on any before?[br][br]Gemma ;D