Greek Island Hopper (HTG1)


Hi there ! Is anyone doing this Greek island hopper starting on the 4th of July??? Would love to meet some people from the same tour :slight_smile:


Hey, yeah my friend and i are doing this tour. So excited :slight_smile:


Awww yay that’s awesome, where are you and your friend from?


yeah cant wait! We’re from Tamworth, NSW. Where are you? Have you done any topdeck tours before? We’ve also booked the european odyssey from 15/6 to 2/7


Awwww that’s awesome I’m from Melbourne , I’m doing a contiki tour first before this tour, I’ve never been on any top deck or contiki tours before so I don’t know what to expect but I’m so excited !! Have you girls done these tours before?


nah havent done any contiki/topdeck tours before. I have travelled around europe abit but it was solo and using cheap flights between countries. It’ll be nice to have everything organised for us!


Oh yeah well at least you have a rough idea about it all :slight_smile: