Greek island hopper & discover europe 2010


hello anyone going on the greek island hopper tour on teh 10th july and discover europe 26 days on the 20th july ?


I did the Island Hopper last year - it was awesome! Let me know if you have any questions.[br][br]


I am looking forward to doing Greek Island Hopper on June 5-15, but i havent seen anyone else post about the same dates



I’m doing this tour on 28 Aug 10. Cant wait :slight_smile:


I am hoping to do the island hopper starting 26th June 2010. The Cyclades look amazing! I have heard that the topdeck island tours are far less structured than the EuroHotel/EuroClub tours? Has anybody got any info on the style of accommodation on the islands?



My friend and i are doing the Greek Island Hopper Tour on the 26th June also after doing the Grand European can’t wait!

Monique :O)


My husband and I are doing the Greek Island Hopper on 15th May…cant wait! ;D


Booked the June 5-15th Greek island hopper anyone else doing it let me know?! First time traveler in europe without the military. Anything i could know will help… can find me on facebook daryl fogarty


Hey Suzieq,

I’m doing the Greek Island hopper tour on July 10 also. I look forward to meeting you :slight_smile:

  • Rebecca

Europe Uncovered - June 2
Ireland/Wales - June 24
Greek Island Hopper - July 10