Greek Island Hopper- Departure Hotel?


Hi Everyone,

I have been searching everywhere to find where the Greek Island Hopper departs from as I would like to stay there the night before. Can anyone inform me of this?



Hi jojo23,

Please advise which departure date you are on and I’ll get back to you with the answer ASAP.




September 4.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Jo Jo,

We are on the Greek Island Hopper 14 May.
I have been told and booked pre accommodation at Babylon Hotel Athens.




I am on the 28 August tour and i was told and have booked for the Baby Grand Hotel in Athens.

I’m hoping this is right and different departures stay at different places depending on availability etc?


Hmm that’s interesting, two different hotels. Let’s hope that it varies according do departure dates. Hopefully I’ll hear the answer soon :slight_smile:


Oops sorry I just looked and it isthe Baby Grand Hotel not the Babylon hotel.
Geez im a travel agent too, what a blonde haha!!!


haha thats a relief. Slightly panicked there for a second!