Greek island hopper august 27th


Is any one on this tour??


Hi! Are you going on this tour? I am booked on!
Robynne xx


HI Robynne,

I am booked on!! Yay! What flight are you flying in on?? I am USELESS at navigating buses in Europe so would be nice to try and do it with someone else!! P.S this time in one month we will be there :slight_smile:

Lynsey xx


I’m flying from Heathrow at 7 in the morning (faar too early, I’m not a morning person!!) with SWISS, there’s a short stopover at Geneva then it arrives in Athens just after 3pm? I’ve never been anywhere on my own before, tis going to be interesting attempting it! When is your flight?
I knowm, I’m so excited! Finally, some sunshine! :slight_smile:


I land in at 2pm - I could always wait for you if you like? I can get discount on a transfer from the airport to the hotel if you want me to book it? It would be £20 each that way…OR we can just attempt the bus! I been travelling before but not by myself either so it will be an experience! ha ha!


Yeah that would be great because then we could get a transfer together? Would probably be 100 times easier than the bus or metro and we’d be much less likely to lose bags or get lost which is just the type of thing I would do! You seen the hotel?


Sweet! I will book it in and then you can give me some mulla when i see you…this is working out nicely!
I did see the hotel - love the look of it! Just under three weeks! woop woop!

Oooh - i just managed to get us a better discount on the transfer - only £15 each now! Can you let me know your first and surname and also your flight numbers/times so i can book it in? xx


Good idea! I know, I’m so excited, I’m getting jittery already!

Fantastic! Means more money to shop with! :stuck_out_tongue: its Robynne Sparkes and my outbound flight is FLIGHT LX1822 landing at 15:05 and my return flight is FLIGHT LX1823 leaving at 15:10, how early are you leaving on the 5th? xx


I’m on the September 1st trip, but am curious about info on the airport transfer - who is it through?


Hi Robynne, we are all booked!! Yippee! Thats gonna make life so much easier! phew! I will wait until the voucher comes thru and will let you know where to meet me. My flight leaves on the 5th at 7pm…

Hi Seattle! I have booked the transfer with a discount I get through work - i can book one for you but it will cost £23 one way xx


Definitely! Sounds fantastic! What sort of bag are you taking? The only thing I have at the moment is a suitcase but I was thinking that may be a bit difficult for the boat trips and stuff? What do you think? xx


Hi there,
Thanks for the offer. I may try to bus it, but is there a name of a reputable transfer service you are using? I think I fly in later in the evening. Have a great trip!


Hi Robynne,

I am going to be digging out and dusting off my back pack…much easier. But if a suitcase is all you have you may be ok, we can bribe people to help us! nearly a week to go! woop woop! My email is - if you email me I will send you a copy of the transfer voucher and then we can meet by the meeting point xx

Hi Ashley, The transfer company will be one that is based at Athens airport but im not sure of their name. Have a fab trip too! xx