Greek Island Hopper - August 13 - August 22 2016 :)


Hi guys,

Booked in for this trip! Anyone else going on this one? Getting excited :slight_smile:



I’m going on the 11th of August! We’ll just miss each other!


HI Amanda!

I will be going on the same one as you!! Cannot WAIT!!!


for some reason we cant keep replying so gotta edit this one.

we’re getting in on the 12th bout 3 in the arvo. and just staying at the novus what about you?


Hey guys,

Looking forward to meeting the 3 of you :slight_smile:

Days are ticking over quickly, where are you all from?


Brisbane, QLD :slight_smile:


When are you all arriving? Have you booked any pre tour accommodation?


We’re arriving on the 12th at about 3pm. And staying at novus.
What about you?


Also arriving about 3pm on the 12th, are you flying etihad by any chance?

Havent booked any accom yet, arriving with another girl though. Probably book novus soon


Actually arriving about 1pm. Nevermind! haha


Hello, Im also booked in for this trip! I’m from sydney!


hey there Jess, welcome to the chat