Greek Island Hopper - Aug 25 2011


Anyone going on this tour?


Hi there

I would really like to do this tour! I am going solo but am having trouble finding anyone else going on this date! Looks like an amazing trip though!



Oh well you should definitely come on this tour then! I’m sure a lot more people will be joining, but it’s still 3 months away…I’ve never been to Greece but heard it’s an amazing time.


I have never been there either which is why this tour looks so good… I am all booked and paid for it now so i guess i will see you on there!


Hey Amanda and Colleen,
Looking at booking ‘Greek Island Hopper’ for Aug 25 also… solo traveller also… just trying to decide between ‘turkey Explored’ and ‘Greek Island Hopper’ as both trips seem amazing :slight_smile:


Hey Sem,
You should definitley do the greek Island hopper tour with us! I will be solo travelling also so dont worry about that! Hope to see you there! :slight_smile: