Greek Island Hopper Aug. 15-24 2009


Hey everyone![br][br]Was just wondering who else was going on this trip? I’m going to be doing it alone as I’m visiting a friend thats working in Germany beforehand. Was wondering if anyone else is going alone? and whos all going? would love to talk to some people before as this is my first time going on any tour which is a little nerve racking especially since I’m going alone :expressionless: also anyone that has done this before any advicestories about their experience?,[br]would definitely be good to know! [br][br]Thanks! hope to hear from ya soon! [br][br]


Hey taaaryn,[br][br]I’m gonna do greek island sailing and croatia island sailing as well but after the 25th August cos thats when I get back from Ibiza. Haven’t booked yet. I’m doing it on my own as well. Don’t worry, you will definitely make new friends! I’ve got heaps of friends that have done/doing contiki’s/topdecks on their own. :)[br][br]-------------------------------------------------------------------------[br]Spending over 2months in Europe travelling.[br][br]Summer Fun n Sailing July 24th - Aug 18th[br][br]Ibiza, croatia sailing/greek island sailing, possibly checking out Poland, Oktoberfest then home! :frowning:


Thanks! its good to know I won’t be the only one going alone I heard its the usual but still a big change for me. I was also wondering whats the average age with these trips. I’m a 19 year old Female, Will I probably be one of the youngest? Thanks so much for the reply though hope you have a lot of fun with all your travels! :slight_smile: & anybody else coming on this trip during these times should definitely come on this forum! [br][br]- Taryn