Greek Island Hopper 7th October - 16 October 2017


Hi guys,
This is my first tour and I am travelling solo and was interested in who else is doing this tour? :slight_smile:


Hello, I’ll be on this tour, will be my second one as I am doing a few days in London first… just like you I’m traveling solo!


Thank god! I’m glad im not the only one who is travelling solo. Are you travelling more once the greek tour finishes?


I know, it’s my first time traveling solo, so some slight anxiety is happening. No I head home from Greece, but I’m spending a week in London before hand… Are you?


Me too. Im nervous but so excited at the same time. Well ill be in Italy before Greece then traveling to Hungary. Im in Europe for about 5 weeks all together.


Ohh nice, yeah super excited I’ve wanted to visit London and Greece for a long time, so that’s starting to trump the nerves…


Are you getting excited Jessica? :blush: