Greek Island Hopper 7th June 2012



I’m going to be doing the Greek Island Hopper on 7th June after the European Pioneer Tour. Is anyone else doing this Greek Island hop the same date?? Be cool to meet some people here before I get there :slight_smile:



Hey i booked this trip about a month ago :slight_smile: So excited I finally found someone else doing it! I was worried that no one else would be on it and it would get cancelled… I’m following the trip up with another tour of the mainland. Can’t wait for the next few months to pass, hope it comes around quickly :slight_smile:


Hi Lauren
haha brilliant yeah me too!! I’m doing this one after the European Pioneer so will have already passed through some of this, but I wanted to have MORE time in the Greek Islands too :slight_smile:
So I would have been around Europe for 36 days already haha then after this I’m off to Croatia for 3 weeks, then Sth Africa & Kenya for total 3 weeks, then meeting folks in NYC for a week, Boston for a weekend and then finishing it off with week in SYD, and 2 weeks MEL before going back home.

So I’m getting to Athens the day prior to this tour starting. What about yourself? I’m yet to sort out my hostel. Have you got yours yet?

What are your plans all up?