Greek Island Hopper 4th Aug


Anyone on this tour? :slight_smile:


I am.
I’m from Canberra and cannot wait to get out of this bloody cold weather.


is this the one where we meet on the 6th in Athens or is this and earlier trip? If its the 6th one then im on this one too x


amazing - im from canberra too. that never happens!
Are you going solo?


Sorry Becky, this is the one where we meet on the 4th, think you’re on a different one.

I’m travelling with a mate from Brisbane. Doing a few days in London before then Barcelona after. 3 weeks away in total.


fantastico. ill be heading to greece solo after seeing italy and then meeting friends in spain.

  • see u on the tour!


Hey all. I’m also on this tour. From Queensland, male and will be turning 20 on the tour. Looking forward to meeting you!