Greek Island Hopper 4th Aug 2016


Hi everyone

I’ve just booked this tour and will be travelling by myself so would love to chat to people before the trip.

Jessica :smile:


Hey I’m booked for the 6th August trip by myself :confused:



I am booked for the 6th of August too!

Stephanie :smile:


Hi! I’m from the Sunshine Coast. Where are you? I’m starting my holiday 6th July from Rome. I’m doing the Venetian trail Topdeck tour too :smiley:


Hey Stephen

I’m from Newcastle, NSW. Oh wow! Sounds like you’re going to be very busy with the Topdeck tours. I’m only doing the Greek Islands one,


Hey Stephanie.

Whereabouts are you from? Can’t wait for this trip and some warm weather. Should be amazing.


Hey Stephen and Jessica,

I’m from Sydney! I’m booked for the 6th August tour and it is my only top deck tour. I definitely can’t wait for some warm weather!


Hey Stephanie.
You’re not too far from me then. Yep I’m so over this rain. Bring on the sunshine :blush: I’ve never been on a top deck toot before so looking forward to it.


I’ve never been on one before either! Have you travelled solo before either?


Hey guys

I’m going on 4th of august, traveling by myself too! Can’t wait!!


No never so I’m a bit scared lol. Cos I’m staying in a hotel by myself the night before so that I’m not rushing that morning to get to the tour meeting point.
What about yourself?


Awesome! Can’t wait! Have you done any other top deck tours before?


Never, but in thailand I was traveling with a group, like top deck, and it was really cool! I’m soooo excited


Helloo :blush:

My Husband and I are travelling on this tour too (4th) and we cant wait!! We’ve never done a top deck before or any other form of guided tour, and its something very outside of our comfort zone so we’re just a tad excited haha! We’re staying a night prior aswell.


I’ve never travelled alone either! I actually land on the day the tour starts :joy:


Haha hope the flight isn’t delayed :joy::speak_no_evil:


Hey guys
lm from melbourne traveling solo arrive in Athens a day early


Hi everyone, I was looking into booking the august 6th or 4th trip. I will be traveling alone as well and I’m a little nervous!