Greek island hopper 4-13 July


Hi :):slight_smile:

Any body going on the Greek island hopper between 4-13 July this year??


Hi Sammy
My sister Carly and I are going on this tour on these dates :smiley: looking forward to it.


Hi Emma. That’s awesome ! My sister is also doing it with me. Where about are you gals from? :slight_smile:


Oh how cool is that :smile: We are from Sydney Australia where are you girls from?


Ah awesome. We from South Africa :grimacing:


Oh Nice! how old are you girls? Carly and 1 are 20 and 22


I am 23 and my sister Kelly is turning 21 :):slight_smile:


Oh sounds good Carly’s turns 21 too soon! Are you girls going anywhere else but Greece?


Nope we are just doing Greec. How about you girls ?


Oh nice, we are just doing Spain a week before Greece :slight_smile:


Hey I’m Emma’s sister Carly, can’t wait for this trip!
Have you girls done topdeck before?


Hey Carly. We also so excited ! What is your surname ? Will add you girls on Facebook beforehand :slight_smile: this is our first top deck. Have you guys been on one before ?


Yeah let’s add each other I will be easier to chat on there anyway :slight_smile: it’s Emma and Carly Cox.
Yeah we did topdeck last June and it was great, we went all over Europe except Spain and Greece. Hoping to have the same experience this time :slight_smile:


Not sure…maybe :slight_smile:


Carly I couldn’t find you girls on Facebook. Try and look for me maybe Sammy Hammond


Hey Sammy we haven’t been on here sorry only just got your message we will try add you :slight_smile: