Greek Island Hopper 3rd June?


Just wondering who else is doing this tour? excited to meet everyone! :slight_smile:


Hi Allissa,

I’m also doing this tour!! I’m so excited - not long now!
I’m doing a contiki tour through Italy before travelling to Athens. Are you travelling anywhere before or after this tour?

Rochelle :slight_smile:


Hi Rochelle!

I know it is getting so close! How exciting…Italy is amazing :slight_smile: I am supposed to be visiting some family in South Korea before this tour so hopefully all this nonsense with North Korea is sorted out by then! I am also doing a Croatia sailing tour after this one :slight_smile: can’t wait!

Are you travelling by yourself? Where abouts in Australia are you from?


Hi Allissa and Shelle! My friend Ashleigh and I will be on this tour too :slight_smile: and we’re from Sydney. We’re doing the European Pathway tour before hand and finishing up with the island hopper! Can’t wait to meet you guys


Hi :smiley: very excited to meet you both!


Hi!! How exciting - it’s not that far away now!!!

Allissa - I’m from Newcastle which is about 2hrs North of Sydney. Where abouts are you from? Sailing in Croatia sounds awesome…definitely on my bucket list :slight_smile: I’m travelling alone, but I have been lucky enough to discover that one of the girls going on Contiki lives only 20 minutes away from me. Sounds like you are travelling alone? When do you leave for South Korea?

Alyx - European Pathways tour looks great! Have you travelled to Europe before? Planning a stopover anywhere else on the way home?

Looking forward to meeting you guys!!


Yes it is so close! Rochelle thats awesome that you found someone who lives close to you :slight_smile: I am also flying solo…I leave for South Korea on the 24th of May and spend just over a week there. I live about an hour out of Perth :slight_smile: have always wanted to go to Sydney…will get there one day!

European Pathway sounds so good Alyx :slight_smile: Greece will be a nice way to finish up!


Hi Girls :slight_smile:

The one month count down is almost here!

Shelle, I haven’t travelled to Europe before so it’s all new and exciting :slight_smile: No stopover on the way home unfortunately. Are you visiting any other countries before/after?