Greek Island Hopper 28th of June 2018


Hey Guys,

I’m Jo, travelling to Greece and Croatia (Dubrovnik Dream tour) with two other friends (Bianca and Kate). From Brisbane, Australia. Be cool to meet some others before we meet in the Athens :slight_smile:


hey guys,
i’m b & i’m from melbourne, australia
i’m travelling with jo & kate
heaps keen for this trip & to meet everyone :smile:


Thanks for sharing it,I think it was the most happiest moment of your life.


Hi Bianca and Jo

I am Nicole from Brisbane and have booked The Greek Island Hopper 28th June as well. I am solo traveler! first time to Greece and Croatia but i am super excited!


Hey Nicole nice to meet you :slight_smile: are you doing tour in Croatia aswell?



Yeah I am, I am doing the Dubrovnic Dreams on the 21st June until 28th and then Greek Island Hopper same day so I may arrive a bit late depending on my flight from Dubrovnic to Athens.


Oh nice. We are doing the same tour but week after Greece. So keen for both of them


yeah I would have liked to have done different dates but I’ve left booking so late. But im so excited. it will be a good trip


Hey guys,

My name is Camille and I’m from Australia and I’ve just booked this trip. Excited to meet you all :slight_smile:


Hey Camille, are you just visiting Greece? Where abouts in Australia do you live :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing. I am from Ohio, USA. But I am travelling in Melbourne, Australia. It is the most happiest moment in my life.