Greek Island Hopper 28 May 2011


Hey! just wanted to know if anyone’s booked their tour to go to Greek Islands on the 28th of May?? :slight_smile:

Does anyone know what the hotels are like for this tour? And would you recommend Contiki instead? I checked it and it was about $350 cheaper!


Hey Sue

i did this tour last year and the hotels were great!! the one in Mykonos is AMAZING!! the others are good too, budget but very clean, comfy and centrally located. I had a ball and would definately do it all again :slight_smile:



Hi Sue,

I agree with Nicola,

The hotel in Mykonos was so good!!! The one in Athens was pretty good as well, Paros and Santorini were very budget but did the trick and were central :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip!! i’ve just booked myself in! CANT WAIT! :smiley: I’ve heard that Santorini is beautiful :slight_smile: They’re having a 7.5% discount now as well! woohoo!



I have booked the Greek Island Hopper leaving 28 May. Can’t wait for some sunshine! Prior to this I doing the Discover Europe tour so added this on at the last minute…


Hey Rachel!! that’s great news! ill be flying in to Athens from Berlin on the 27th! Hopefully find a place to bunk for a night. When do you fly in to Athens?? :slight_smile:


Hi Sue

I think I arrive in Athens on 26 at the same place where the tour starts.

not long to go now - can’t wait for the sights, people and having a few drinks!