Greek Island Hopper 24 April-3 May


Hi there!

Is anyone else going on this tour? I’m travelling solo, so a little nervous but hoping to meet lots of great people. I’ll be in Athens prior to the tour so if anyone is on this trip and wants to meet up please let me know. B-)


Hi Emz

I will be on the same tour as well. Me and my friend Noodle (Niki) are first time travellers and we decided to do it together. Greek Islander Hopper is our first trip before doing Bravo Italia and then the Celtic Trail. We will be stopping in France for 6 days inbetween and then spending a week in London before heading back to Australia.


JLo (Jen)


Hi Emz,
You wont be alone Jlo and I (noodle) will be there


Hey Jen and Niki,

Great to hear from some others on the tour. This is the beginning of 5 months travelling for me. Can’t wait! Hope all your plans are coming together. See you in Athens! :slight_smile: