Greek Island Hopper - 23rd April - 2nd May


Hi guys - anyone going on this trip to the Greek Islands departing 23rd April? I’m travelling solo and arriving in Athens the day before on 22nd April to the Novus hotel. If anyone is around, would love to meet up :smile:


Hi! I’m travelling solo as well on this trip. I’m not arriving in Athens till the 23rd but its reassuring to know there’s more solo travelers as I’ve never gone alone before :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m travelling solo as well, just booked! I will be coming in the 22nd night. Would be down to meet up and we can check out the city during day of the 23rd?


Hi I’m also travelling on this trip solo. I’d love to meet up earlier but unfortunately I am unable to arrive in Greece until late on the 23rd. But I am looking forward to meeting you all :smile:



Great! See you all soon in Greece!


Hi everyone it turns out I can now make it on friday 22 April, I arrive Athens at 4am and so am free to meet up Friday or Saturday. It would be awesome to meet you guys before tour if your still up for it :slight_smile: we can trade contact details if you are and arrange to meet up. On Friday night I am staying only 400m from novus hotel (:slight_smile:
Let me know what you think