Greek Island Hopper 23 July


Hey is anyone else doing this tour I’m going solo just wondering if anyone else is going solo too :slight_smile:


hey there
I will b doin this tour and i am also doin it solo :slight_smile:


Hey hayley,

I will see you on the tour im glad to here there is another solo person joining me :), I am 21 i live in Brisbane where are you from?


Hey Jess,

I’m from Goulburn in NSW. So glad as well Ive been talkin to another girl goin on this tour as well. Is this your first time overseas


Ill be on this tour too with you girls! hayley already know this though :slight_smile: YIPPPEEEE


Hey Hayley,

No its not my first time im actually living in holland at the moment working while I travel as nanny so iv done a few trips already, what about you first time ?

Hey Jess,

Nice to here other girls are going solo too i was a little worried about going alone is this your first time overseas too?


oh wow i have a few friends in holland actually lol. first trip to greece but not overseas, have you eva been to greece. so excited for it now there will b a lil group of us. wen do u arrive in athens??



No first time to Greece and im sooooooooooooooo excited now that i have found other girls yay I arrive on the 23rd at 11.30 what about you?


same always wanted to go to go to greece so im so pumped for it, and yes we hav a lil group now lil bit exciting. I arrive on the 22nd just after lunch and the other jess, jess sheedy arrives on 22nd on the afternoon so we will b at the hotel already yay lookin forward to it now


yippppeee this is sooo exciting! cant wait girls. and hayley this is my first time overseas at all :slight_smile: so im pretty scared but excited! are you doing anything else whilst your over there?


i know im glad that there is like a lil group of us all goin solo :slight_smile: no unfortunately just doin greece this time round


Hey yer i arrive at the hotel around lunch time on the 32rd i might just run into you at the hotel in the afternoon sometime im soooooo excited now cant wait yay


Hey girls,
Im also going solo in this tour! im glad im not the only one!
cant wait to meet you all! not long now!


hey penny
oh im really excited theres a nice lil group now. is this ur first time overseas


no not my first time overseas but my first time to Europe - so excited cant wait…


oh thats the same as me. so how old r u im 19 :slight_smile:


Hey, I’ve just booked to be on this tour as well. Just waiting for the confirmation to come through! When are you guys getting into Athens? Ant


Hey Ant its good to here your booked on this tour too im excited to here there are other girls going solo cant wait not long to go, i arrive in Athens on the 23rd around lunch time what about you?


Hey Jess. I know, I can’t wait! I’m not sure yet, need to book my flights once i get the confirmation through. Was tempted to come on the 22nd but it all depends on flight times; I might leave it til the 23rd. Are you just doing this tour?


hey ant me and jess sheedy get into athens on the 22nd if thats any help and we are both stayin at the baby grand. cant wait to meet everyone not long now :slight_smile: