Greek Island Hopper 21-30th July 2016


Hey Guys!
Just want know who else is coming on this trip ! I’m travelling alone for this one !:smiley:




I’m on this one too - also traveling alone.
I’ll have been in Europe for 2 months prior to this trip leaving. It’s good to know other people are doing this one solo too :slight_smile:



Hey Jen,

So glad to finally hear from someone !
Thats fantastic ! I will also be traveling Europe before hand wit another top deck tour :smiley:
Im from Perth Western Australia :smiley: where are you from?
You can add me on fb if you have it Im under Molly Emma


I’m doing a tour with Contiki and then spending some time solo in the Balkans before this one :smiley: I’m from Vancouver Canada. I looked under Molly Emma … more people than I thought would have that name haha. This is my profile so you can add me!


Wow that will be amazing !!! the one place I’m missing is Spain and the surrounding islands :frowning:
That is awesome ! My mate who was going to come but can’t afford to anymore is from Canada ! :smiley: sound like your gonna be partying for a solid few months !
Haha ok I have added you so hopefully it all works !


That’s so awesome. I originally was going to do Northern Europe and Russia but I ended up having my Russian Visa rejected so I’m going South and to Greece instead … Not too bad of a second choice haha

How long are you going to be away for and have you done any trips with top deck before?

I added you so feel free to message me any time :slight_smile:


Hi im on this tour aswell and im travelling solo. :blush: im from the NT, Aust. Keen as a bean!


So good to here we have another person! Im from Perth, WA :smiley: I’m going solo too! You can add me on fb if you have it I’m Molly Emma ! I have Jenn on their too if it helps finding me :blush:
Is it your first time travelling to Europe?


Hiya, I’m going to be on this trip too - I’m also a solo traveller :slight_smile:
I’m from New Zealand and I can’t wait to get to Europe


Hi Eve !
wow thats going to be a big weather change for you from the cold of NZ ! Im from Perth Western Aus and traveling solo too :smiley: You can add me on fb if you like :smile: its Molly Emma


Hi Molly, sorry I didn’t see this message until now. There are loads of Molly Emma’s on Facebook, you could add me - Eve McAuliffe is probably a little easier to find :stuck_out_tongue: