Greek Island hopper 20th June 2016


Looking for people that are going on the Greek island hopper!!! :bikini:
Goin with a friend both love too party! And have the best fun by not holding back
Hit me up if your on the tour!
Both Aussie girls that will drink you under the table :smirk::dancing_women::beers::wine_glass::cocktail::tropical_drink:


Iโ€™m Travis & I am also going on this trip! I am from the US and my first time travelling to Greece! I will be staying in Athens the day before the trip starts!


Thatโ€™s so exciting!
Finally someone else going, we are also going too be in Greece the day before :slight_smile:
And itโ€™s our first time going too


Nice!! Im thinking its gonna be a blast. I just transferred my trip over from the Greek sailing trip. Are you on Facebook? Maybe we can connect before the trip starts! This will be my 2nd time in Europe and im travelling solo so everything will be new for me.


You should download the topdeck app thereโ€™s a chat room there


Just downloaded it! I appreciate the info, I wasnโ€™t aware there was an app.


All good! :slight_smile:

Have you got any more contact with anyone else going on the tour? :slight_smile:


Hey were you originally scheduled for the 18th of June? Im doing the hopper but from June 18th to 27th.


A little late - But Iโ€™m on the tour aswell !! Iโ€™m such a novice at this forum - its still confusing me hahaโ€ฆ Is anybody staying pre/after accomodation ?