Greek Island Hopper 20th August 2016


Who else is doing the Greek Island Hopper trip beginning in Athens on 20th August? I’m a 25 year old girl travelling on my own and would love to hear from others doing this trip! :slight_smile:


Hey there! Yay i found someone whose also doing this one!! (: im a 21 year old (turn 22 the day after it finishes) solo traveller. Im from New Zealand and am going on a tour in America/Canada before this one.Where are you from? Are you staying in Athens before or after the tour starts/finishes? Add me on Facebook if you like and we can talk more - Nina Oliver (:smile:


Hey Nina! Yay so happy to have found someone else on this trip. I’ll add you on Facebook in a moment :slight_smile:
Your birthday is close to mine, I actually turn 26 on the second day of the trip! I’m from Perth, Australia. I’m actually cutting it pretty fine and arriving in Athens the morning of the 20th, as I’m doing a tour in France first. Then I leave in the late afternoon after the tour finishes and head to Dubai for a couple of nights, before going home.


Hey girls!

I am a solo traveller from Brisbane Australia (22 years old)
Yay!! glad i found some more people doing this tour.

Any suggestions on where to stay the night before the tour starts?



Hey Georgie :slight_smile: I’m arriving in Athens the morning of the tour, so haven’t needed to book any pre-accommodation, but you might like to stay at the hotel that the tour begins at - I’m not sure where that is yet, but your travel agent should be able to find out or if you contact Topdeck they should be able to tell you! Otherwise, I’ve stayed at the Athens City Square Hotel before and would recommend it, it’s in a kind of weird area (middle of a marketplace) but the rooms were really nice :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!

Are you all traveling alone? I spoke with a rep from Topdeck and they told me that the hotel tours mainly have couples. I’m traveling solo but this trip looks awesome!


Yep, I’m doing this tour and another hotel trip on my own - can’t wait! :slight_smile:


Im doing the trip alone too!! :slight_smile: add me on facebook, Georgie David. We can start a group chat :slight_smile:


Hey there - I’m also in this one - just booked! I’m 28 and from Australia too! Georgie I’m also staying the night before, so any recommendations welcomed! Do you guys have a facebook chat group?


Yay great to find someone else doing this tour! Amy, add me on Facebook if you like - Alex Geraghty :slight_smile:


Thanks Alex! There were quite a few people with your name!

This is me::


Hey Georgie … Did you book accommodation? I’ll be in Athens the night before the tour starts too so let me know if you’d like to meet up! Amy

You can add me on Facebook here:


Hey Amy! I sent you a Facebook message but I couldn’t add you xx