Greek Island Hopper 20th-29th July 2017


Hi All :slight_smile:,

I’m planning on booking this tour starting the 20th July 2017. I’m a curious girl from Auckland New Zealand, wanting to escape the winter months and was wondering who else has booked this island hopper tour or is looking at doing so. I’ll be doing a solo travel so a bit nervous , maybe some of you are in the same boat as me :smile:



I just booked leaving July 29th. Pretty excited and also travelling solo!

Mackenzie :slight_smile:


Hi Marche,

Im also planning to book this tour starting the 20the of july 2017. Also be travelling solo :).
Im from the Netherlands, did u book already?
Greetss Jill


Hi Jill,

That’s awesome ! Yes I’ve booked and counting down the days already I can’t wait . Hope to see you there :slight_smile:

Marche :slight_smile:


Hi Mackenzie,

Yay that’s amazing ! Counting the days now :slight_smile:. Where are you traveling from ?



Aaha nice Marche, will u be travelling after ?
Yes I will book this week probably.
We could get in touch trough facebook, if u would like that :)?


Hey :slight_smile:
Im leaving from brisbane on the 21st, hope to see you on the tour!
Pretty nervous too.