Greek Island Hopper 2012 (HTG1)


Hey Guys and Girls,

I’m planning to book myself on this tour for the 15th Sept- 24th Sep

Just wondering whose looking/or is already booked on this date as well :slight_smile:



I’m looking at going some time in Sep 2012 - preferably the first half of the month. The Greek Islands have been on the top of my list of places I want to see for a while :slight_smile:



Hi I’m booked on the July 2012 one


Doing the European Pioneer before it departing 31st May


Im doing the Island hopped starting on the 9th of August :slight_smile: and also doing the Grand Europian before it departing on the 7th of July!


Does anyone know if a sleeping back is required for the 10 Day Greek Island Hopper?


hey susie
im booked on the greek island hopper for the 15 of september until the 24th :slight_smile:


sleeping bag not required for this tour.


I’m book on the June 25th Departure. Anybody else?
And does anybody know what hotel we will be staying at in Santorini? I’d like to stay on there an extra couple of nights to celebrate my birthday?


I’m 7th July. Still not come across anyone else booked same date :frowning:


I think i’m going to book for the 7th of July Ninja82. Travelling solo as well and kind of nervous travelling by myself! … I’m seeing friends in a few different countries over the course of about 4 months but i just reeeally want to see the Greek Islands and don’t want to miss it because i couldn’t find a mate! … Are you alone on this tour as well?


Is anyone else booked on the 7th June trip? Would love to hear from you if you are… I’m traveling by myself, and haven’t found anyone else booked for these dates yet…


Hey Gabby yep on my own. Sent you a PM :slight_smile:


Bel - I’m booked on 26th July dep one :slight_smile: we may run into each other!

I still haven’t found anyone on my tour yet :frowning:


Anyone else booked for the 12th of May?


Hey Lauren,
Im looking at doing trip starting 7th of June aswell…and travelling by myself. Very nervous. What are your plans?


Still undecided whether to do this tour before or after Ios. Anyone planning on going mid-august?


I’m looking at doing the Greek Island Hopper June 7th and travelling alone.anyone else?


Really looking forward to this trip! Greek Islands look amazing! I’m booked for the one on the 7th of July… is anyone else is going then too?