Greek Island Hopper 2012 (HTG1)


Hello! I’ve just booked this tour with a friend of mine, and now have been told that this trip is aimed at a slightly older crowd? We’re both early 20’s and would like to be with a group that will be going out as well as touring around each destination. Please tell me we haven’t booked a honeymooners topdeck… thanks!


Hey, I’ve booked this trip for early June. I’m 25 and will be traveling by myself. My guess is the tour may have a slightly older crowd (rather than being mostly 18 years olds), but that’s just a guess because it’s not the standard eurotrip. I think it won’t really matter how old people are because everyone will be there to have fun and see what they can see in the time we have.

If you’re wanting more of a party tour you might be better going for a concept/euro club tour which will probably be more party tours? I wouldn’t worry though, I’m sure it won’t be a honeymoon tour :slight_smile:


Gina my wife and I will be there in August hahahahahaha. I’m sure there will be a mix of both so do worry to much about it, my bro went on a Contiki tour this year and he said he had heaps or married people on it, I’m sure its just a pick of the draw with what you get.


I’m planning on booking this trip leaving September 2nd 2012 I believe the date is. Is anyone leaving from Ottawa Ontario Canada on that same date??? I’m 29, will be turning 30 on the 15th of September, and will be traveling alone. I’m SUPER EXCITED about this trip! Hope to meet lots of new people on this one! :smiley: Anyone going on that same tour let me know!



I’m looking at going some time in September 2012. I’m 28 and will be almost 29 when I go, and am also planning on traveling alone (unless I can convince some of my friends to go haha). I’m looking forward to meeting new people too! Slightly nervous about going that far alone, but mostly just excited! Life is short and it’s meant to be lived to the fullest, right? :slight_smile:


Oh Kayteegirl I actually changed my tour. :frowning: Only reason why I did is because I want more of an exploring tour than a “relaxing” one. I chose to go for the Britain and Ireland 2012 tour because there is LOTS of exploring going on with that tour. :frowning: Though Greece may be my next choice for 2013.


I am doing the Tour with my best friend, we are both 24 booked for the 9th of August :slight_smile: cant wait!


Hey Kayteegirl,

I’m doing the Greek island hopping tour departing the 1st of September on my own too! You should definitely come- it will be awesome :slight_smile:


I’m doing the 22nd September greek island hopper also solo, anyone on this one?


im doing the 15th september greek island hopper high chance by myself
anyone on it?


Yeah I’m about 95% sure I’m going to go on it in September! Just have to pick the best time with my work schedule - still planning on going solo at this point too!


Anyone doing this on 7th July 2012?


im doing this one on 23rd July - anyone else?


I’ve booked this tour for the 7th of June… is anyone else doing this trip? The tour has now become a guaranteed departure, so would love to hear from you are if you’ll be joining me!


Hi All - I’m booked on the tour dep 26th July, anyone on this one?

Amanda :slight_smile:


7th July is garanteed departure too. man still haven’t found anyone else booked on the same departure :frowning:


Anyone on October 6th Departure. I can’t wait to see Greece, its the first leg of my 10 week adventure through Europe!