Greek Island Hopper 2011


Hi everyone
Anyone going on the Greek Island Hopper tour on 23 April 2011?


Sorry hun not me, but ive done it already if you have any questions?


Hey, thanks for that.
Im doing the European Getaway prior to the island sailing and will have a large backpack with me (luggage).
Do you know if that is ok to take on board? I read somewhere that it must be a small bag!
Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry, also can you recomend a hotel for pre accomodation in Athens?
Thank you


Hi there,

We all had a combination of different luggage. My hubby and I had suitcases but other people had backpacks, it fine to take on board the ferries. We stayed at the Baby Grand Hotel in Athens which is where the tour leaves from. It is not cheap but its nice.


thanks so much


Hi Amy

What was the weather like when you did the island hoppe? i see it was in may 2010 as i am going in april it may be just a bit cooler.
what type of clothing did you take?


Hey AJ,

To be honest it was cold. Day time was pleasant enough with a top and a pair of shorts, but at night it was jeans, bookts and a jacket. To be honest the whole time we were in Greece I never swam at all because the water was freezing at that time of year…but we had a great time!


Hi AJ,

We are on the same trip! I’m travelling solo. I booked last minute and can’t believe there is only 3 weeks to go.

I’m taking a full size luggage trolley (wheelie suitcase). I’ll try and pack light to make it easier to transport around.

I too was thinking about the weather, in April the mean average is 20’c and as we are approaching May towards the end I would say it will be around 22’c during the daytime. That is fairly pleasant. I’m packing shorts, crop pants and tee-shirts/vests but I imagine the evenings will be cooler so I’m packing cardigans and a light jacket (or 2!).

Speak to you soon?!



I’m arriving on the day so not doing pre-accomodation, but I asked Topdeck about it and they said it was £85.00 if I wanted to do it.