Greek Island Hopper 2 June 2011



I was wondering if anyone is thinking of doing the Greek Island Hopper next year?

Or if anyone has done the tour and tell me more about it??




I am doing the greek island hopper trip next year


That’s great! I’m also looking for feedback about this trip


What date have you booked for ? Yea me to also looking for feedback . Are you doing any other tours with topdeck


Hi guys,

My hubby and I did this tour in May this year…it was awesome!!! So much so that we are actually going back to the Greek Islands to work for three months in June.

Let me know what questions you have and ill be happy to help.

Amy :slight_smile:



thats awesome . How is the accomodation in greece . how much money would you reccommend bringing to greece ?. thanx so much for the feedbck i am so excited about going cant wait . :slight_smile:


Hi veronica,

The accommodation in Athens and Mykonos was awesome (Mykonos is a 4 star hotel about 200m from the beach!). Paros and Santorini the accommodation was pretty crappy but it was budget and did the job.

As for money it was my husband and I and we spent between $1500 and $2000 but we drank a fair bit as well :slight_smile:


Thanks Amy! That’s awesome. I’m doing a tour around Eastern Europe but with a different tour company (one with many oldies I think).
I have’t booked this tour just yet


Hi everyone

ozgirl10 - looks like i’m doing a similar trip to you… i’ve book the greek island hopper from 16 June 2011, then my sister and i are doing the eastern express 26 June 2011. afterwards, we will do our own thing in london then malta for 2 weeks

veronica - which date is your greek island hopper?

soo looking forward to it!! :slight_smile:



hey aaron

my dates are the 6th august 15th august . cant wait :slight_smile: . i am also doing summer fun and sailing before doing greece .



I am debating on the dates either: june 2-11 or june 18-27. and still debatin whether to do it with Topdeck or Contiki.

Is any1 else on this tour?



I was looking at this trip and I am for sure going on it! But I wanted to go on the trip from June 4-13 but the site says they may offer it then so if I cant go on that one, I would want to go on the trip from June 2-11… anyone else?


hi! there is a june 4-13 tour. i had emailed them and there are 2 spots left. im thinkin of booking it. anyone else going? i am going Solo and hope there are not many couples on this tour


any1 want to create a facebook group? it wud def be gr8 to meet others b4 the tour


Did this tour in July last year - Some of the BEST ten days of my life - Fantastic you will not regret it