Greek Island Hopper-1st June-


Hey Hey

Booked on this trip; so excited I can’t wait!
Who else is going, would be great to know and chat before…


Kendra-Lee, 4rm South Africa


Hey I’ve got this tour booked! I am quite excited to get there! :slight_smile:

Amberley, Canada!


That’s so awesome! Nice to meet you:)
I’m also very excited for this one!!


Nice to meet you as well:)
Is this your first topdeck tour?


Yes it will be. I will be doing the Italy one first and then coming over to Greece!
Its actually my first time going to another country and travelling abroad. :slight_smile: I’m only 19 and this is something I have always wanted to do…

And you?


I am only 19 as well, turning 20 in April!
I did a 5 week tour last year and it was my first time out of Canada, most amazing experience of my life!


Oh nice, are you travelling alone? :slight_smile:


I am indeed:) I’m going to be gone from home for about a year, this tour is the only time I am not completely alone!


Wow, that’s incredible! A whole year of travel; lucky you! :slight_smile:
When will you be arriving in Greece? I’m arriving the day before…


Yeah I am quite lucky:) I arrive in Athens on May 30th! So exploring some of the city by myself haha


Okay but that’s fine- you can go wondering for awhile:) I think I’m arriving the day before (31st May) as well, i think Greece will be so relaxed + chilled, just hoping for nice sunny weather:)


I lied I arrive early 31st, but yeah I’m the same just looking forward yo a relaxed sunny vacation!


Hi Ladies,

I’m currently looking for trips and can’t decide where to go. I’ll also be traveling solo since my best friend bailed out. And i’m also from Canada :slight_smile:


Hi all,
I’m on this tour as well! travelling solo, from Melbourne :slight_smile:
SO excited! I’ll be doing 2 tours before meeting with you guys…all up travelling for 9 weeks.
Looking forward to meeting you!


Hi Canada friend, I suggest somewhere warm -such as Greece if you’ve been having weather like I have from where I live!


This is just getting all too exciting!!! :smiley:
So nice to meet you all xx


Only 8 weeks away!!!