Greek Island Hopper 1st - 10th of July 2017


Just wondering if anyone else is on this tour next year, my first time travelling solo overseas and really looking forward to it


Hi there, I actually paid for mine today im doing the 1-10th Greek island Hopper then doing the Essential Europe trip from the 11-22


Hey Caitlin! I’m thinking of booking this one on those dates! Travelling solo too. Where are you from?


I’m from Adelaide, how about you?


Hey Caitlin,
I’m going on the Essential Europe from July 11-July 22 solo. I’m so excited!!!


Hey Ashleigh, I’m actually doing that tour too on those dates! Doing two topdecks back to back :slight_smile:


Hey Caitlin I am thinking of booking this trip for these exact dates! Then will most likely continue onto the gap year European Treasures tour from the 11th starting in London. Will be my first time there and will be travelling solo so am keen to meet some others going on the trip!


Hey Meg, would be great to meet you if you do this trip! I’m also continuing on with the Essential Europe tour starting in London on the 11th too!