Greek Island Hopper 1st - 10th Oct 2016


Hi all!

I’ve just booked this trip so excited! anyone else coming along?
Would love to get to know some people before we get there :slight_smile:



Hey Kate!

I’m booked on this trip too :slight_smile: Just booked a few weeks ago as well!
Where are you from? I live in Melbourne.
I’m doing this tour to wrap up a 5wk trip around Europe!



Hey Lauren

Not long now till we leave! :slight_smile: I’m from Dubbo!

That’s so exciting 5 weeks, I’m going to London after the trip but only for a few days! Are you travelling alone?


Hey guys :slight_smile: I just booked this trip today! Is it both your first times doing Greece?


Hey :slight_smile: Ive never been before have you?


Nope first time so excited! Are you travelling with friends or alone :blush: