Greek Island Hopper 18June-27thJune 2016


Im Travis from the west coast of the US! Im going on the Greek island hopper from the 18th of June to the 27th! I will be in Athens the night before the trip if anyone wants to meet up beforehand!




Doesn’t the trip end on the 24th? Myself and my boyfriend are going on the Greek sailing starting 18th June but will be in Athens around midday on Friday the 17th if you would like to meet? I’m English and he is Australian so we can all compare accents. We are staying until Sunday 26th in Athens though not sure where yet


Hi Becka, sorry for the confusion, im on the island hopper which is actually a separate trip than the sailing. It involves taking a ferry from Athens to Mykonos to Paros to Santorini then back to Athens! I think both trips kinda start in the same area though! If you’d like we can still meet up beforehand as i will be there on the 17th in the afternoon. Im just hoping to maybe check out some local sites there in town before the start of the trip. Are you guys staying at a Hostel the night before?


I think our trip leaves quite early in the afternoon on the 17th. Hope your trip is awesome. Please excuse al the stupid British tourists in Mykonos we are not all like that!


Thanx for the tip haha. Any recommendations for Mykonos?


Hi Travis, I’m Mike have you already booked on the island hopper?


Yes I am booked and ready to go. I’ll be arriving on the 17th. I’m going to stay at a hostel in athens beforehand


Hi Travis,

Where can I book for this trip?



The best way is to call and book over the phone. its 1800 607 1399