Greek Island Hopper 18 Jun/ Turkey Explored 2 July


Anyone going on either of these tours?

I’m doing both by myself and I would love to get to know some of the people who will be joining me before hand ;D



Hi Alli,

I’m doing the greek island hopper 16 June… close but no cigar :frowning:

Anyways, absolutely can’t wait!!! This trip should be awesome! :slight_smile:




I’m looking at going on the Turkey Explored 4 june and then the greek island hopper 16 June, but just have to confirm on Monday and see if the spots are still available!


Hi Alli - its been a while since your post but I’ve just stumbled across it and thought I’d get in touch.

I’m on the Turkey Explored tour starting July 2nd too - will be coming from Mykonos, Greece that same day after a trip with some friends (not a Top Deck organised tour). Look forward to hearing about your Island Hopper experience as I’ve been to Greece before and had an amazing time.

I’m also staying an extra night in Istanbul once the tour finishes as I fly to Italy the next day, so if anyone’s keen to stay on and share accommdoation let me know.

Look forward to meeting you :slight_smile:



Hi Alli,

My Girlfriend & I are both travelling from Aus for the Greek Island tour starting on the 18th, so yep we’ll be there! :slight_smile:

We’d love to help you out! … Just send us a message & we’ll give you our contacts etc!


Ahhhh so excited - I’m such a rookie at this forum.
Im doing the same tours except i start my greek island hopper on the 20th of june, but our turkey tours are the same… is anybody staying earlier in istanbul ??

add me on Facebook jazelle stewart !! :slight_smile: ahhhhh so excited !