Greek Island Hopper - 15 June - 24 June 2017


Hi!! I am 24 from Australia and travelling solo next year! Looking to do the Greek Island Hopper from 15 June - 24 June. Is anyone else booked on this trip??


hey hun
Im Chloe, im 25 and from Brissy. I have booked into this trip 15-24th 2017 and am travelling solo also!! I am then flying to London afterwards to do top decks Mega European Egypt tour :):):slight_smile:


Yay that’s so exciting!! Have you booked your flight to a London?? I’m off to London after as well :slight_smile: but only for about 4 days.
Ps. I’m from the Sunshine Coast!


Gday Im Cam, 18 and from Melbs. Also thinking about doing this trip as well as the Croatian Sail tour around this time! Will also go to London afterwards most likely to do another trip straight after (going big) :slight_smile:


Yes I have booked for the afternoon the tour finishes
And I have three days in london before I get on my next tour !
I’ve booked in to see the Harry Potter tour at warner bros and hop on hop off buses around the city for something to do in those days
So we can have some fun in London as well :grin:
Party on!!


That’s the flight I am about to book on! :slight_smile:
What day is your Harry Potter tour?? That’s one of the things I’m most looking forward to! Haha


I’m doing the Harry Potter tour on the 26th :grin:


Come join in the fun!!
It’s going to be a great trip


Awesome! Add me on Facebook and we can chat closer to the trip :slight_smile:


anyone from new Zealand going on this trip ? iv booked it for 15-24th 2017 also a solo traveler, first time going over seas apart from aussie so this is a big one for me


Hey! I’m Ali & my friend Holly and I will be on this trip as well! We are both from Brissy, I will be in England for about 3 months before hand though. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hi Guys, is anyone going to be in athens the day or 2 before the trip? I’m trying to figure out when to fly out as i have exams upto 5 days before in england and was going to see if anyone would be willing to meet up before hand?