Greek Island Hopper- 11th-20th August 2016


Hey guys,
I’m going solo on the 10 day Greek Island Hopper from the 11th-20th August 2016, flying out from Sydney Australia!
Wouldn’t mind knowing someone before I went over, throw me a message so we can chat!
Anyone in the same boat as me?

Cheers, V x


iam also going solo on the 10 day greek island hopper ( my first big overseas trip) ill be flying out of Sydney on the 9th of Aug


Hey I’m planning on doing this trip as well! I’ve traveled solo a few times but this will be my first time in Greece. Does anyone have the full itinerary or list of accommodations? Thanks :slight_smile:


I’ll be flying out on the 8th! Staying at Hermes hotel for a few days before the trip starts :+1:t3:


Hey, I don’t have it yet but I’ll be grabbing it soon off my travel agent dude! Hopefully this week :+1:t3:


GREAT!! ill be staying at the Acropolis Museum Hotel when I arrive to Greece


Awesome!! Can’t wait to meet you! If you want we can meet up before hand and have a chat? :blush: If you want you can add me on Facebook: Verity Morley
I’m the one in the blue bikini!
It’s gonna be a great trip! X


yes that sounds great ! I cant wait to meet you greece is going to be amazing also ill add on facey chloe becker