Greek Island Hopper_ 17 September - 27 September 2016


Hi guys :sunny:

Let me know if you will be doing this tour.
My boyfriend and I arrive quite early and would love to meet up with you over some yummy drinks :tropical_drink: :beer:


Hey, I’m Jenna and I’m on this trip as well! I get in at about 4 am on the 17th, so I’ll be around all day if you guys want to meet up at some point. Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Hey Jenna :slight_smile:

That is super early!
We get in just after 14:00 and would absolutely love to chill with you. We’re from Cape Town, South Africa.

I’ll send you a private message with my email/number to save.

See you soon :cocktail:


Hey guys, Im just about to book this trip as a bit of a spontaneous decision! I get in the day before it starts at around 2 pm, would love to meet up!


Download the Topdeck app :slight_smile:

There’s a bunch of us in that chat group :v:


Hey guys I’m also flying in from Cape Town I’m guessing we on the same flight… Super excited to meet everyone I’m traveling alone but my boyfriend will b in Athens for that weekend. Can’t wait to see you guy.


Hi Naaila,

We could be :slight_smile:
Ash & I depart Cape Town on the 16th just after 20:00 and land in Athens at about 14:00.

Feel free to download the TopDeck app in order to meet everyone else on this trip :wink: