Greek Island Ferries


Hey all,

Basically, I’m doing a tour that ends in Athens on the morning of 26th July and I’m then expected in Mykonos that evening… I did this assuming it would be possible to get a ferry from Athens (I’ve been told they leave from Piraeus) on the morning of the 26th. However my travel agent is useless at the best of times and has no idea about the running of ferries and their timetables. I’ve trawled around on the internet and on blogs but have concluded that schedules can change daily and it’s not worth buying a ticket in advance because it will change multiple times before we actually depart.

Does anyone have experience with the ferry system between the islands? It will be peak summer season so I assume they’ll be running plenty of boats but I’d hate to just turn up on the morning and find out we can’t jump onto one (because that’d also mean voiding a night of accommodation on Mykonos).

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated, and if anyone can send me links to a site then please do so!




I did a bit of research into this as well as my tour also finished in Athens and I had a couple of days spare and wanted to head across to Santorini for the day. From the research I did I found it was the same price to fly over well in my case anyway and instead of taking like 5 or 6 hours it takes 45 minutes. Im not sure how much difference it would be in your case since its a different Island but I got my airline tickets on sale so they cost 33 euro each and I think it was about the same to get the boat across.

Hope this helps.


thanks fellas, I’ll have to look into it - I might end up just going ahead and booking flights from athens to mykonos, and then try and swing a couple of tickets for a ferry between mykonos and santorini… that way at least I can have assurance that I’ve got a definite passage to the first island.