Greek I hopper start 3 july


Hey, I just turned 18 and this will be my first time travelling/away from home and im really nervous! Im in athens the day before the tour starts and just wondering if there is anyone else who is on the tour to catch up with before hand? Katie w :-*


Hi Katie,

I’m also booked on this tour and get into Athens the night before. I’ll be 27 by the time the trip comes around but don’t hold that against me. I’ve travelled through Europe and the US before. I’m travelling alone on this trip.



Hey Katie,

Yeah I am on this tour as well, cant wait to get over in the warmer weather and meet all you guys :slight_smile:

I havent been to athens either, but only fly in on the day of the tour.




I am booked for this tour with my partner, we fly in the afternoon of the 3rd. I turn 25 the day of the tour and Mike is 29. Look forward to meeting you.

Bec and Mike


Hey Guys,

I’m from Sydney and fly out this Friday so I get into Athens the night before our tour. Will be nice to meet you guys.